The Law Office of Barton Morris is the premier federal criminal defense firm in Michigan handling federal prosecutions in the Eastern and Western District of Michigan. Attorney Morris has been highly successful at handling drug, weapons, immigration and sex offense cases including child pornography distribution and possession because he is well known, and highly respected among the judges and prosecutors in the Michigan Federal Judicial System.

Barton’s aggressive and tenacious style gets great results. The key to getting those fantastic results in that Barton W. Morris, Jr., unlike most lawyers, is an accomplished TRIAL LAWYER. His skills were developed through the benefit of the specialized training in trying criminal cases and he also has the experience necessary to demand the respect of the legal community. Primarily, Barton Morris became an especially skilled trial attorney through his education and training at the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer’s College graduating in 2011. Barton Morris now sits on the Board of the College’s Alumni Association.

No lawyer can get you the best possible outcome unless they are adequately PREPARED. Sufficient preparation for a jury trial lets prosecutors and judges know that they are in for a fight which always leads to great results.

The Law Office of Barton Morris is fully staffed with the most professional and experienced personnel to ensure that each case receives the attention and work that is necessary for excellent results. The Law Office has three attorneys that each have specialties which enables the work necessary for each case to achieve a very high amount of attention and detail. Attorney Matthew Roman is legal research and writing whiz which allows for very effective and well researched legal briefs and arguments. Barton Morris is an incredibly skilled trial attorney who is also very good at negotiation. Attorney Harsha Gowda is especially skilled at legal research as well and is a great legal strategist which is necessary to generate the best plan of attack for each case. Together, the attorneys at the Law Office of Barton Morris work amazingly well as a team which translates to excellent results for clients of the firm. The attorneys are also supported well by two administrative assistants and a full time law clerk. Samantha Audish is our dedicated paralegal. She is a former assistant in Detroit’s United States Attorney’s Office in their drug unit. She is great at organizing discovery, communicating with the federal prosecutors and the work necessary for federal drug forfeiture matters.

The Law Office is located in the heart of downtown Royal Oak, Michigan which is a perfect place to locate a statewide criminal law practice. The office is well located with its own parking and minutes away from two major highways I-75 and I-696 which means clients from all over the state can easily travel to the office and the attorneys can equally easily travel to any court in Michigan.

The Law Office also employs its own full time executive transportation employee and has its own executive vehicle utilized for many different purposes including delivering documents, files and evidence anywhere necessary, delivering clients anywhere necessary, and transporting the attorneys anywhere in Michigan which allows for maximum efficiency and productivity for the attorney and the client.

The Law Office of Barton Morris regularly defends federal prosecutions in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Bay City, Flint, Kalamazoo and Marquette. Barton Morris specializes and has a great deal of experience in defending drug trafficking, health care fraud, firearms, child pornography, and immigration offenses.

The reason that the Law Office of Barton Morris has been selected as a Top Attorney in Michigan for 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 by DBusiness Magazine, Hour Magazine and SuperLawyers Magazine from 2013-2016 is because the office provides exceptional services to its clients which cannot be matched.


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