Title:How can you fight a federal gun charge?
Description:Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney Barton Morris explains what constitutes federal gun charges and what the penalties may be for those convicted.
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How can you fight a federal gun charge?

As one may imagine, guns are dangerous. They are considered dangerous, especially when they’re used in connection with crimes. Simply being in possession of certain types of weapons is a federal offense, particularly being in possession of a fully automatic weapon, or being in possession of a weapon with a silencer.

In order to fight these types of cases, it is important that a criminal defense attorney understands these weapons as well as the type of evidence necessary to demonstrate proof.

Other offenses regarding guns involve particular individuals that are not allowed to carry weapons. These include people who are felons, for instance, or even a misdemeanor. An example would be someone who has been convicted of domestic violence. Under these circumstances, it must be proven that these individuals knew that they were carrying the weapon. Additionally, there is the Armed Career Criminal Act, which prohibits an individual from carrying a weapon that has prior convictions for either a aggravated controlled substance offense or an offense of a violent nature.