Title: Should You Talk to Federal Law Enforcement?
Description:Criminal defense attorney Barton Morris elaborates on key points one should consider before talking with federal law enforcement once they have been charged with a crime.
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Should You Talk to Federal Law Enforcement?

Before somebody talks to federal law enforcement, it’s important that they have an understanding of what type of relationship that federal law enforcement has with them. For instance, if the DEA is investigating somebody for a crime, and if they’re a target for a crime, it’s probably not a good idea for that target to talk to the DEA. A target means that law enforcement is targeting that person for an indictment or a complaint. Each case is factually different so the decision to cooperation and to what extent must be individually evaluated.

A witness may be more obligated to communicate with law enforcement, simply because it may be unlawful not to. If a person is not making statements that are incriminating, that person should still be mindful of what is said. Not telling the truth to law enforcement officials can be the basis of obstruction of justice charges. For a person whom a federal agent seeks a statement, it’s really important for the individual to make a determination as to what their relationship with law enforcement is. It’s always a good idea and a safe bet to have an attorney evaluate the circumstances and provide some advice that can direct the individual towards the proper outcome.