Federal Firearm Offenses

Firearm offenses carry severe penalties especially when used in relation to drugs and violence.

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Federal Fraud Offenses

Expert fraud defense: health care fraud, wire fraud, forgery, income tax evasion.

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Federal Conspiracy

A conspiracy to commit a federal offense is generally punishable equal to the underlying offense.

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Federal Law Enforcement Agencies like the FBI, DEA and Secret Service will attempt to obtain statements against your interest, at your home or business place where a federal search warrant is being executed. They are counting on the fear generated from several federal agents storming your home or place of business to coerce a confession.

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Michigan Federal Defense Attorney

Federal prosecutions are high stakes and penalties for any conviction are severe, generally mandating a federal prison sentence. To ensure the best results in a Federal Indictment or prosecution you must retain the services of an experienced and aggressive federal criminal defense attorney specialist.

Barton Morris has been defending criminal cases in Federal Courts located in Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Bay City and Kalamazoo for over 15 years. Barton Morris has earned the respect of Michigan Federal prosecutors and judges for having a reputation for being aggressive and skilled criminal defense attorney but professional.

The best reason for earning this reputation is that Barton Morris is an experienced trial attorney. In 2011 he graduated from the famous Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College and uses the trial skills he has learned in the over 50 jury trials Barton Morris has conducted.

To be clear, Barton Morris is not a defense attorney that wants to take the first deal offered and plead guilty on every case. The Law Office of Barton Morris prides itself on looking for every opportunity to fight and defend every case. All factual and legal defenses are fully examined and explored to formulate the best defense strategy.

Federal prosecutions generally involve very complex and lengthy law enforcement investigations. Barton Morris has a great deal of experience with these cases and knows how to expertly examine the potentially voluminous amount of discovery, written reports, audio and video recordings. His expert staff of attorneys, paralegals and legal assistants are invaluable and provide the support necessary for every federal case.

Barton Morris has extensive experience dealing with snitches, illegal searches and seizures, over charging prosecutors, border patrol, immigration and asset forfeitures. Barton Morris is also highly trained in dealing with drug trafficking offenses, having received specialized education in drug chemistry and forensic analysis techniques including trace detection systems.

For an aggressive and experienced federal criminal defender that will do everything necessary to ensure the best result in Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Bay City or Lansing Federal District Courts call the Law Office of Barton Morris at (248) 541-2600.

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Choosing the Right Federal Attorney

Choosing the right attorney is challenging. How do you know who will do the best job for you? The best method for choosing the right attorney is to meet and interview several lawyers: at least three. Make sure the attorneys you choose to speak with do 100% criminal defense to ensure they are experienced enough. Then you must ask the right questions.